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Blackjack Surrender

Is this your first time playing Blackjack? Well then this might be the game for you.

With Blackjack Surrender you have the choice to pull out of a round and give up half your bet even after the dealer has checked the cards.

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Multiplied by eight packs of cards, this is the British take on Blackjack.

What you need to do is get a hand of up to five cards to beat the dealer. The values of the cards equal those used in ordinary blackjack, which makes this an easy version to catch on to for those familiar with regular blackjack.

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Multiplayer Blackjack

Multiplayer Blackjack is an exciting combination of three factors: classic blackjack, stimulating group experience, and super-thrilling twist. Throw a live dealer and three dice into the mix and you have a game that's easy to learn and suspenseful to play.

Playing this up-to-date version of blackjack online is a fun and lucrative way to spend time while interacting with others. Never has blackjack been this cool or this friendly.

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