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With eight games all rolled into one this has some MEGA action topped off with up to ten betting methods, giving you great odds.

Each minute six balls are drawn and you have ability to bet on them in one of the ten ways. You can play for one drawing or several in each of the eight speedy, spectacular games.

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Gold Rally

Are you running for the gold? Just spin the reels to get that winning arrangement and collect the progressive jackpot.

There is a choice of up to eight paylines and if you can win more than one, your earnings will be combines, so give those reels a spin today. To make this even more exciting, remember that this is a progressive jackpot so you could really be walking away with your own pot of gold.

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Mega Jacks

What you need here is a five-card poker hand with a winning combination to make you a winner.

You are allowed to exchange cards once and then if you have a pair of jacks or something higher, you walk away with the money. The rewards are higher when your cards are better and with the progressive jackpot, you have a chance to really get lucky.

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Beach Life

With five reels and twenty paylines, this single coin slot machine is an easy way to have some simple fun, give it a spin!

It is as easy as deciding how many paylines you are going to get on and then giving those reels a spin. You will have a sunny smile when you realise you have the chance to win several times one multiple lines.

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