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Whether or not you are a regular player, this style of Roulette will be sure to become a favourite.

With only one zero on the board, the total amount of numbers is decreased which automatically gives you a greater chance to win.

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The thrill of the game is increased here by adding another zero to the board.

You are able to place a five-number bet with this version since there are 38 numbers to bet on, including the double zero 00.

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Test your talent with all the new betting options of this game.

Like European Roulette there is only one zero on the board, but French Roulette allows you to add neighbour bets or announce other bets adding to the excitement.

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Try the tiny board with only 13 numbers and see where your luck takes you.

Of course with so few numbers your chances of winning are huge. If you wanted to cover every possible outcome there is a limit of fifteen bets, which makes your chance of winning 1 in 13.

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Multiplayer Roulette

For fans of classic roulette, the multiplayer version of the game is a significant step up.

This friendly roulette variant boosts the game in so many important ways: it's more exciting, more interactive, more suspenseful, and more potentially lucrative. Join your fellow roulette fans in a few rounds of Multiplayer Roulette for a unique gaming experience.

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