CLUB21 Loyalty Program
Join now and see just how much loyalty can pay off!

21nova Casino wants to give you the opportunity to be involved in its amazing loyalty program, which was created to give you a series of special bonuses, benefits and other additional advantages.

Every time you spend a few bucks on a game, you will be given Loyalty Points (also called Comp Points). For each CAD spent you will receive 4 points. As you play, the points will accumulate until you reach a stage where you can retrieve you bonuses which can include instant cash and so much more.

The money you spend at 21nova is far from lost!

Each time you play, you actually have the chance to earn back your money every time you play. More than this, the value of your CLUB21 points rise as you play longer. So you can be sure that your hard earned bucks are actually accruing points for you, which you can use to your advantage later on.

All of your players are automatically registered for CLUB21. This means that with every game of slots you play, you are awarded points, no matter whether you win or lose. These points are given according to how much money you spent while playing, so the higher the VIP level, the higher the number of points you can earn. You are then able to retrieve these points whenever you choose and convert them to real money. Since there are no limits on the number of points you can redeem, the potential rewards are without end!

How to view my Loyalty status:

Simply select the Cashier button and find the Comp Points symbol to see how many points you have.

In order to see what this translates to in CAD, just hit the 'convert to real money' button. Your bucks will then automatically be transferred to your casino account along with the conversion ratio, for you to use at your convenience.

Please note: Loyalty points apply to Real Money accounts only.

*Comp point conversion rates may be altered from time to time depending on your account activity with 21Nova casino. You may view your current conversion rate through the Casino Cashier or by contacting our Customer Service team.

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